I hope you all had a wonderful time over the holidays!! I did!! I did a lot of relaxing, a little reading, hung around with friends and family, and had a blast!!  As the New Year rolled around I couldn’t help but be really grateful for such a wonderful 2012.  You guys are such a huge part of that, so thank you all for being so awesome!!  This is my little round up of the year.  I also made a few resolutions for 2013 which I will share with you tomorrow.

What was your favorite memory of 2012?

Favorite Recipes This Year:

I am positive I am overlooking a favorite, but here are a few :)

Pumpkin Waffles – because I am a pumpkin freak, and I love waffles.  If you are not a pumpkin freak here is my non pumpkin version

Sneaky Mac and Cheese – because with this I can get my veggies in without knowing it!! And I think mac and cheese will always be one of my favorite foods.

Vegan Chocolate Cream Pie – I was really happy with how easy and yummy this turned out being.  I make it all the time now!!

Vegan Bolognese – it might be the wine in here, but I am in love with this one!!  And it’s another recipe where the veggies are kind of hiding out in yummy pasta :)


Newsworthy Links:

My favorite articles this year are these 2, saying eating more fruits and veggies make you more positive and give you a glowing appearance.  Go veggies!!!




My Favorite Things:

My family is full of make-up artists (4 of them!!).  They are all super talented, and it makes me love make-up.  My sister recently started working for a vegan make-up company, and Hubby gave me their lipstick (that I had been admiring) for Christmas.  I am sooo obsessed with it!!! He got me this pack of 5, and I love them all!!

I am super obsessed with sriracha.  It’s a garlicy hot sauce, that has amazing flavor and is quite hot.  I eat it on burritos, eggs, and I even added some to my tomato sauce the other day!!

My sister got me this Harry Potter cookbook, which I am totally obsessed with.  I didn’t even know this existed, but I love it!!!  I can’t wait to delve in and try my own spins on Harry Potter fare.  You just know you are going to be seeing cauldron cake recipes here in the future!!

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