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When I started this blog, I didn’t know what I was doing.  I didn’t really read blogs, and I thought I would make dinner for myself and hubby, take a picture of it with a nice camera (that we invested in for our wedding) and post it up.  I didn’t really write anything, and had no idea what I was doing.  I have to say I still don’t really feel like I know what I am doing.

It has taken me a while to kind of come out of my shell here on the blog.  When I started I didn’t even have a Facebook account, and I opened the GirlMakesFood one before I signed up for a personal account.  Now I am trying to make an effort.  To be myself.  And share a little more.  And maybe to stop using so many exclamation points. It’s a problem.

It’s because I feel like this a lot.

Behind the scenes - GirlMakesFood (1)

A while ago, I saw Angela post a picture to instagram of behind the camera of one of her photo shoots.  And Beth posted a picture of her beautiful kitchen when she was moving.  I really loved seeing those photos, because its fun to get some insight on the “behind the scenes”. (Beth’s instagram is awesome btw, you should follow her)

So today, I am sharing a little of my behind the scenes.

This is my kitchen.  The walls are bright green, I love it.  I also got some herbs recently, for windowsill growing.  It’s been a few weeks and they are still alive, so I count that as a win. (I do not have a green thumb, but I keep trying!)

My Kitchen 2

That is a Tardis cookie jar on top of the fridge.  I am kind of a nerd.  I also have a mandarin orange obsession lately, they are such a lovely and portable snack!

My Kitchen 1

I use that island for everything.  I might be so obsessed with using it because it took me like 5 hours to assemble and I did it all by myself.  I am quite proud of that, so I have a special appreciation for that piece of counter.

Because I work until 5 or later, natural light is often not an option for my dinner photo sessions.  Especially during winter.  So a friend told me I can make my own light box out of a cardboard box to take my night pictures in.  It works great, and was super cheap to make.  The hardware is just a cardboard box, duct tape, a white tablecloth, and 2 clip on desk lamps I got from Target for under $10 each.  I can tell the difference between the light box and natural light pictures, but I tend to be pretty critical.  Hubby says he likes the light box photos just the same if not better.  I trust him because he can be more objective than I can.

This is a behind the camera look at the Vegan Chocolate and Berry Trifle, this one is at night using the light box. You can see the one lamp, it is clipped onto a chair in the dining room, and the other one is clipped on a chair on the other side.

Behind the scenes - GirlMakesFood 1

Here is a natural light behind the camera look at the Gluten Free Vegan Cider Donuts.  I took this one a while ago, but here I have the dining room table pushed up against a big window in the room.  I have poster board behind and on the sides to reflect light (the kind we used for science projects in middle school).

Behind the scenes - GirlMakesFood 2

I largely have no idea what I am doing when it comes to photography.  I picked up a few books from the library, and am always trying and learning new things.  It’s been a really fun hobby that I have picked up that I didn’t realize was going to be part of blogging.  I love playing around with the camera and have found I now have a much greater appreciation for other people’s photography.


This was a fun post for me.  I hope you enjoyed it too, and if you would like to see more behind the scenes posts let me know, I would be psyched to do another one.

I hope you have a lovely day!! :)


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