Crispy and Chewy Coconut Cookies ( 1

Thanksgiving is wonderful of course, I mean a holiday that is mostly revolving around food is something I can get behind.  But Christmas?  Its all about the cookies.  And really, where there are cookies there are smiles, so how can other holidays compete?

So when Kelly at The Pretty Bee told me about the 12 days of Gluten Free (and vegan!) Cookie series she was doing, I was so excited.  I am super honored that she asked me to be part of it.  But I am also incredibly excited to check out (and make) the other creations!!!

In my family we have lots of different food needs.  We have vegans, vegetarians, gluten sensitivities, and my sister is very allergic to nuts.  So while I had old recipes and traditions for Christmas cookies, I am excited to start creating new traditions, and collecting recipes.

One of my old traditions was making coconut macaroons.  I suppose it is not a classic Christmas cookie, but my family always loved them.  Perhaps they are just weird like me!! It would make sense… (Love you family!)

Crispy and Chewy Coconut Cookies ( 2

I wanted to call these cookies: Coconut in All It’s Glory Cookies.  Because they are all sorts of coconut goodness packed into a wonderful cookie package. If you love coconut prepare to swoon!!

Head on over to The Pretty Bee to get the recipe (and all the other goodies in this series!)


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