Eggs are one of my favorite proteins. They are quick cooking, almost zero prep, and have a long shelf life. But most wonderfully is that they are very nutritious. I do feel like I need to clarify/defend that all the nutrition in the egg is located in the yolk (the white is almost pure protein). It got a really bad reputation a few years ago when it was believed that there was a link between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol. It was also at that time that fat got a really bad reputation. Now, we know there is almost no link between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol, and that good fat is not evil. In fact, some eggs are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which we hear the benefits of all the time.

Nutritional Information:

  • Eggs are the best source of choline which (among the health benefits) has been shown to improve mental performance, especially memory (a super reason to start your day with eggs!)
  • They are an excellent of high value protein
  • They are a natural source of vitamin D which has a range of health benefits including improving mood, reducing inflammation, helps reduce the risk of heart disease, and my even help you maintain a healthy body weight!
  • They help to prevent blood clots. The protein found in the yolks has been shown to inhibit clot formation
  • They contain the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin which are help protect your eyesight as you get older
  • They are a good source of B vitamins which helps cells metabolize macro nutrients
  • They promote a healthy thyroid because they are a good source of iodine

How to Handle and Prepare:

Eggs are pretty straightforward. Most people are familiar with scrambling, frying, and poaching these beauties. Here is my tip on poaching if you would like to try your hand at it!

Recipes with Eggs:

Poached Eggs Over Asparagus

Poached Eggs with Bruschetta Salsa

Eggs in Hell

Puttanesca Quinoa Frittata

Fried Eggs over Cheesy Oats with Broccoli

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