Makes 4 Burgers

On our last trip to Disney I had a delicious falafel burger that I have been dreaming of ever since.  I mentioned in my Jalapeno Veggie Burger post that I have been in love with veggie burgers this summer, and this is one I have wanted to try for some time.  Because falafel is delicious, and making it burger sized means happy Alissa.

Working on this recipe was my first time making falafel with chickpea flour.  I loved it because it was incredibly easy to whip up, no fancy equipment required.  They were yummy and also really filling, which is awesome.  Prevents me from needing more food again before bed.

Don’t worry if the batter is a little too sticky to form burgers.  Once you scoop it into the pan it you will have time to smush it around  into the burger shape with a spoon, and it will firm up nicely once cooked.

Health highlight of chickpeas: Chickpeas are high in antioxidants, and are also an excellent source of manganese, which combined do all sorts of good stuff for you including reducing your risk for heart disease, and protecting your nervous system! They are high in B Vitamins, which also do a range of good stuff in your body, including preventing Alzheimer’s, and promoting new cells (meaning keeping you looking and feeling young!!).  They are also a great source of fiber, which can help regulate your blood sugar, and help you feel fuller faster and longer.



Falafel Patties:

1 ½ cups Chickpea Flour
¾ cup boiling Water
½ Shallot minced
1 tablespoon Parsley (chopped finely then measured)
½ teaspoon Cumin
½ teaspoon Garlic Powder
½ teaspoon Sea Salt
½ teaspoon Baking Powder
2 tablespoons Canola Oil (for cooking)


Cucumbers - sliced
Lemon Juice
Siratcha (optional)
Mayo (optional)
Buns (we did gluten-free)



  • Stir together all the falafel patty ingredients (except the oil)
  • In a large skillet preheat the oil
  • Scoop the falafel batter into 4 even sized patties, flatten so they are an even thickness and the width of a burger
  • Cook until nicely brown on both sides, and they are cooked through (the sides should be a good indication of doneness, they should be firm and not gooey)
  • Top with desired fixings
  • Enjoy!!
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