Grilled Potato and Heirloom Tomato Salad 3

This summer has been wonderful.  August is here already (when did that happen!?) which is arguably the best month of the year for amazing, delicious produce (heirloom tomatoes!).  Though I think in a month I am most likely going to be arguing that September is the best month for produce (apples!).  It is not because I am a crazy person who argues with myself a lot.  Wait, no, that is exactly why!  I am also crazy about produce and I am excitable.

I made this salad because it literally used all the produce that I had in abundance.  It must have been a pretty good year for potatoes, tomatoes, and cucumbers!! Luckily they are all delicious, and work really well together.

Grilled Potato and Heirloom Tomato Salad 1

One of those classic salads I have always loved is Panzanella where chunks of toasty bread are tossed with fresh tomatoes.  The bread soaks up a lot of those wonderful tomato juices and it is happy town for my mouth and tummy.  Since I had some potatoes at the ready, I did this little vegan and gluten free spin on the classic Panzanella salad that I think is pretty wonderful as well.  Hope it puts a smile on your face when you eat it!! :)

Health highlight of potatoes: Did you know that potatoes are actually pretty good for you!? Of course, deep frying them doesn’t always make them the healthiest choice, but there are lots of other ways to prepare them that are still delicious!! Potatoes are high in fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and phytochemicals at levels that rival veggies like brussels sprouts and broccoli.  They also contain compounds the can lower blood pressure, and protect your heart!  But don’t remove the skins, they hold a lot of the good nutrients!  Potatoes are actually ranked higher in nutritional density than whole grains, so they are a great replacement!!

Grilled Potato and Heirloom Tomato Salad 2

Grilled Potato and Heirloom Tomato Salad
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2-4
  • 2 medium Potatoes (I used Yukon Gold)
  • 1 tablespoon EV Olive Oil
  • 2 large Heirloom Tomatoes
  • 2 Cucumbers
  • 1 Scallion (Green Onion)
  • 3 tablespoons Red Wine Vinegar
  • ¼ cup Slivered Almonds
  • Sea Salt (to taste)
  • Pepper (to taste)
  1. Preheat the grill
  2. Slice the potatoes into coins (you want them a little thinner then ¼ inch, the thinner they are the quicker and more evenly they will cook)
  3. Toss the sliced potatoes with the olive oil
  4. Place the potatoes on the grill and turn the heat to medium, and make sure to close the lid. (If your grill grates are wide or the potato slices seem like they might fall through, line the grill with foil before placing them on the grill)
  5. Grill them about 4 minutes on each side, or until they are golden and you can easily stick a fork in the center
  6. Dice the heirloom tomatoes and cucumbers and place them in a medium-large bowl
  7. Slice the Green Onion well and add it to the bowl
  8. Add the vinegar and toss well
  9. When the potatoes are done and cooled slice them into thirds (you just want them bite sized) and add them to the tomato/cucumber mixture
  10. Add the almonds
  11. Season with sea salt and pepper
  12. Taste, adjust seasoning if needed
  13. Dish up and enjoy!!


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