Guacamole=happiness.  If ever there is a dish of guacamole at a party, you will know where to find me.  Any time I see it on the menu, I have to order it.  And it is super easy to make, which means I keep avocados on hand at all time so I can whip it up when I need my fix.

I am in love with Mexican flavors and all the food of Mexico and the southwest.  It’s my fallback for food, so guac ends up being my go to condiment.  It’s creamy but so healthy and satisfying.  And vegan!! Love it.

Health highlight of avocado:  though avocados are higher in fat, it monounsaturated, and people who have higher consumption of these kinds of fats tend to have a lower risk for heart disease and also tend to be slimmer!  Avocados are anti-inflammatory and contain lots of healthy antioxidants.  They are a good source of carotenoids, and because of the fat content, these nutrients are optimized for absorption!!



3 Avocados
½ Shallot chopped fine
1 small Jalapeño (take out the ribs and seeds if you don’t like it spicy, take out half the ribs and seeds if you do like it spicy) chopped fine
Juice ½ Lime
1 clove Garlic
Salt and Pepper to taste

Easy Instructions:

  • In a medium bowl, add the avocado, jalapeño, shallot
  • Squeeze the lime juice over above
  • Roughly chop the garlic clove, add a pinch of salt and mash with a spoon or carefully with your knife
  • Add the garlic paste to the bowl
  • Mash the mixture to your desired texture (I like to leave it a little chunky)
  • Taste, add salt and pepper until its yummy (if you are serving with chips don’t go too nuts with the salt since the chips will also have salt)
  • Serve!! Enjoy!!




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