January Round Up!

January was a fantastic month.  It was a great way to start off the new year.  Thanks again for all of you who stop by the blog, I love each and every one of you!!  I also hope you all have an amazing weekend, I can’t believe its almost here!!

Favorite Recipe This Month:

Ah.. this is hard.  I think it would change depending on what day you ask me, but today I suppose its black bean soup!!

Vegan Black Bean Soup 3

Newsworthy Links:

I read this very interesting study of raw foods, and had to share.  At school, I found the raw food argument very compelling.  My take is that incorporating raw foods can be a healthy way to approach diet, but we also need a balance of other cooked food to to make sure we are feeding our brains and bodies properly.

This study on Fructose made lots of headlines, and it is quite interesting.  Sometimes I am shocked when I read labels of seemingly unsweetened foods and find HF corn syrup (like some brands of canned beans, soy sauce, and even nut butters)

My Favorite Things:

We have been spending lots of time with friends this month, which has honestly been my favorite.  There is nothing quite like time with friends, love you guys!!  <3

My Book of the Month:

Part of my new year’s resolution was to read a book every month.  January the book was The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater.  It was a little slow getting into the book, but towards the middle I got sucked in and ended up really loving it.  I love Maggie as an author, I think she is fantastic.  I also used the amazon whispersync for the first time, and I am totally hooked.  Audible has a new thing where if you buy the book for your kindle, they sell you the audiobook at a discounted price (like $10 or less for some books).  I love audiobooks, and the whispersync automatically syncs all your devices to be in the same place!!  It meant that I could keep reading if I was in the car, or cooking.  I am seriously in love with this feature!!

Blog Love:

Tasty-Yummies – you guys neeeeed to try her cookie bars!!  I made these and I am obsessed with them!!
Lucky Zucca – this scramble looks incredible!
She’s On The Run this baked oatmeal looks like a keeper!!
Cook with B  – Lemon poppyseed is such a delicious combo, these muffins look amazing
Healthful Pursuit - these grain free apple pie crackers make me feel like I need them around all the time
Oh She Glows
– her stuff always looks amazing, one of these days I know I need to make her homemade rolos
Bring-Joy - gluten free autumn amaranth bars, vegan goodness if you ask me

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