June Round Up

It has been a while since I have done a round up!! I love writing these, so I hope you enjoy them as well.

Favorite Recipe This Month:

Because it is just perfect for summer (and I am obsessed with Hawaiian things) my fave this month was:

Grilled Vegan Hawaiian Salad!

Grilled Vegan Hawaiian Salad 1

Newsworthy Links:

Olive oil could help you fell satiated! This study is really interesting, and Dr Weil gives a fantastic breakdown.

My Favorite Things:

I am really into fruit lately.  I have had a serious sweet tooth my whole life, and I have struggled with keeping it in check.  I would always go for a brownie over some fruit salad, but that is totally changing for me.  I eat a big bowl of fruit daily and it satisfies my sweet tooth and fills my belly in that wonderful I-could-still-wear-tight-pants kind of way.  I cover my fruit with Chia Seeds (I call them sprinkles) and it’s a lovely treat.  Right now most fruit I am getting is so delicious and sweet, but once in a while I will drizzle my daily fruit bowl with a touch of Grade B Maple Syrup before coating it with chia.  It is heavenly.


My Book of the Month:

If you are new to my round ups, my new year’s resolution was to read a book every month.  I have been finding myself both reading and listening to books, I like to listen to books when I do things like dishes.

Book: Divergent and Insurgent

I had a few months where I wasn’t able to get through a whole book.  I am not sure if I was just too busy, but I suspect it might be that I just didn’t have a book to be obsessed with.  I had heard a lot about this one, it seemed really popular.  I really enjoyed both books.  They both had middle parts that I thought dragged a little, but I can’t wait for the next (and final) book in the series to come out.  I am going to get the audiobooks and “read” them again, because I liked them so much!

Audiobook: The Princess Diaries

I have only read 2 of Meg Cabot’s series, but I am pretty obsessed with both (this one and The Mediator series – which I make everyone read because its amazing).  This is one of the few books I didn’t read first before getting the audiobook.  Since I am often doing things when I listen to audiobooks (driving, cooking, cleaning) I have a hard time catching every little detail so I like to read the book first and then just have the audiobook retell it.  With the princess diaries series, though, I had no problem following along and I really loved them.  Anne Hathaway reads them and she does a great job.  I can totally relate to Mia, and feel like I was just like her when I was 14 (I also had yield sign shaped hair, and kept a journal in which I put my own crazy and slightly neurotic spin on how things happened that day… but mostly I just obsessed about boys).  I sometimes buy my audiobooks from Audible (I am a member because I eat audiobooks for breakfast) but I can sometimes also find them at my local library.  And you can’t beat free!

Blog Love:

Aside from dancing all over my kitchen while putting the dishes away, I think reading blogs is one of my favorite past times.  If my boss knew how much time I spent reading them, I think he would not be a fan.  Luckily, he doesn’t know!!

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