Mar Round Up

I love the start of a new season.  There is so much to look forward to (I am super excited about fresh local produce, gardening, and sunny walks).  Spring is especially fun because it’s kind of a time for renewal, everything is coming back to life and, well, I get to wear cute dresses.  Hooray spring!!

Favorite Recipe This Month:

Sometimes things that are unassuming and healthy in reasonable doses can be dangerous for me.  Nutella is one of these things.  My favorite recipe of this month, is another:

Healthy Queso!

Healthy Queso 1

Because I could totally dive face first into a pool of this, and eat it all in an unreasonable amount of time.

Newsworthy Links:

We all need to eat Chocolate covered Strawberries, for the sake of our health!! :)

My Favorite Things:

I am a fan of sea salt, it contains the natural minerals that it should contain (rather than being processed out).  I have tried several kinds, and a few weeks ago I went back to my hands down favorite.  It’s this Celtic Sea Salt, it has a really lovely flavor and really agrees with me.  I am able to use a lot less of it because of the briney goodness of it.

The other thing I went back to this month is my favorite EV Olive Oil.  I have tried lots of brands, but this is by far my favorite.


My Book of the Month:

If you are new to my round ups, my new year’s resolution was to read a book every month.  I have been finding myself both reading and listening to books, I like to listen to books when I do things like dishes.

Book: Across The Universe, A Million Suns, and Shades of Earth

Yep, I managed to read 3 books this month!! I finished the first, and wanted to continue with the series, but worried that if I read a book in a series each month that might get boring for the round ups.  I decided I liked the series enough that I would try it out, and I ended up reading the whole trilogy in one month (maybe even less than a month!).

This series was kind of a departure for me actually.  Yes there was kissing. But mostly it was a captivating story, that takes place in the future, of a girl who was frozen with her parents so they can travel hundreds of years to wake up and live on a newly discovered planet.  When I first finished the series, I realized that I found it so captivating because I really needed to know what would happen next (in a Lost kind of a way).  Then I got kind of depressed.  It wasn’t all cupcakes and sunshine (which is definitely a departure from my usual reads).  Then I realized I really loved it despite the fact that not everything went perfect all the time.  It was just good.  I recommend the series.

Audiobook: The Nerdist Podcast

So this is not an audiobook, but a podcast.  I have actually been listening to a lot of podcasts (yay free!!).  I a bit of a nerd, and I have been loving this one.  My favorite episodes so far have been Jenna-Louise Coleman (because I love Dr. Who, also she has a wonderful accent and is adorable), Nick Offerman (because I love Parks and Rec, and he is hilarious and amazing), and Jason Schwartzman (I love everything he does, but especially his band Coconut Records  Also I realized from listening to his podcast episode that I would really like for him to be my friend, and for us to hang out.  While he serenades me with his wonderful music, and perhaps tells me stories of Bill Murray)

Blog Love:

I love reading blogs!!  If I had no job it’s all I would do.  It would probably be a problem.  Here are my faves:

Lucky Zucca
She’s On The Run
Cook with B
Oh She Glows


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