Wasn’t it just October?  It felt so weird to write 2013 all day yesterday at work.  I can’t believe how quickly the time flies!!

I know some people are anti-resolutions.  I totally see that point of view, but I love the opportunity in the new year to start fresh with good intentions.  So here are my resolutions.

  • Read more books (ideally once a month).  I love reading, but haven’t been finding the time to squeeze it in.  Reading makes me feel happy and grounded, so I would like to try to include it in my life more regularly.  I am going to add a section to my monthly round-up for the books I read.  My Jan book is Scorpio Races
  • Do yoga at least twice a week.  Because somehow it manages to relax and energize me at the same time.  In a way that feels amazing.  I like doing DVDs, because they are practical for me to squeeze in.  I like this one, if you have one you love please share!! I love to mix it up!!
  • Try a gentle whole food cleanse.  I am a firm believer in eating intuitively.  I don’t like counting calories, or worrying about what I can or can not eat.  So I can tell that right now what my body needs is a break from some things.  Like sugar, and grains.  What that ends up meaning for me is lots more healthy fruits and veggies.  I will be sharing all the recipes, so if you want to join me on the journey I would love it!! I will be avoiding dairy, sugar, grains, and soy.

What are your resolutions, and what are you looking forward to most this year?

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing some more details and recipes to get started on the cleanse.  I can’t wait to share my new cleanse recipes next week, they have been coming out quite tasty and I am feeling good and ready to hit the ground running on the cleanse!!  Yay New Year!!!! :)

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