Saturday Six Vacation

We just got back from an awesome vacation.  It may not surprise you where we went.  And we had sooo much fun, you know it won’t be the last time we go either!! :)  Here were some of my favorite things.

1. Walking and yoga

There is a lot of walking involved at Disney, it felt great that we got to continue being active on our vacation! And starting the day with yoga was my favorite.  It was the first time I realized that I actually know enough yoga these days to do my own routine, which was really exciting.

Girl Makes Food goes to Disney!! 1

Yes, I am in my happy place.

2. Flower and Garden Festival (at Epcot)

So much beauty, it was the perfect way to kick off Spring!! It really was breathtaking and so much fun just to walk around and look at everything.

Girl Makes Food goes to Disney!! 7

A fairy house in the butterfly garden.  I’m not going to lie, I very much want to live in this house.


3.  Delicious food

We actually ate pretty well on vacation, which we don’t always do.  I am so inspired to make some dishes we had!!  And I got my Babycakes vegan cupcake.  So there was no shortage of smiles.

Girl Makes Food goes to Disney!! 6

 I am happy to report the blurriness of the photo did not effect the deliciousness of the pretzel. How does anything Mickey shaped taste better!?
hearts4. Meeting princesses

My brain exploded a little when I met Rapunzel.  Tangled is my favorite movie ever, and she was so sweet and cute.  It was a serious highlight of the trip.  (She called Hubby my ruffian, and asked if I met him while he was stealing my crown!! I am still not over how fun it was to meet her.)

Girl Makes Food goes to Disney!! 3

Oh my goodness, am I really standing next to Rapunzel!? 

5. Mornings

We somehow stuck to our usual schedule and were up early which was pretty crazy considering how much I like to sleep in usually.  But the mornings ended up being one of my favorite parts of the trip because they were quiet times in the park, and we got to run around and pack so much fun into our day!!

Girl Makes Food goes to Disney!! 5

Our view as we ate fruit salad out of a pineapple in Animal Kingdom.  I should have taken a picture of the fruit salad, but the site was so beautiful I was distracted!!


6. New experiences

We did some new things this time which was really fun.  I got to ride the train, which I had been talking about doing forever, but it wasn’t running last time we were there.  Even though we go to Disney every year, I still have a whole list of things we haven’t done!  I love having things to look forward to doing for the first time, and doing our old faves!!

Girl Makes Food goes to Disney!! 2

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