Thank you!

I don’t say thank you enough.  I should say it all the time, because you are awesome.  Since today is Thanksgiving, what better time to say thank you, because I can’t blather on enough about how much I appreciate you and all the support you have given me and the site.

For every time you write me a comment, I am on the other end smiling and excited to read it.

For every time you hit “like” on Facebook, or share a recipe, I am eternally grateful.

For every visit you make to the site, I want to give you a hug to thank you.

I have met so many awesome, amazing people in the last couple of years I have been blogging.  I am so grateful to have gotten to know all of you.  I think I have been so lucky that you have all been so sweet and had the nicest things to say.  The internet can be the wild west with people throwing mean words at each other.  Thank you so much for being the most lovely and supportive people possible.

I could literally not do this without your support.  So thank you.  For reading this.  And for being awesome.  Seriously.  You are awesome.

I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving!!!!

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