I am so excited to be guest posting over at Tasty-Yummies today for a couple reasons.  First, because she is awesome and her site is amazing, and chock full of delicious good-for-you recipes.  Second, because since we lost power this year, I wasn’t able to do all of the Thanksgiving recipes I wanted to.  The Thanksgiving Series she is running is so incredible, you guys are going to find amazing recipes for your holiday table, and other goodies for the season!!

Chocolate Cream Pie is a staple for me at Thanksgiving every year.  For my plant based (totally vegan) gluten free and refined sugar free makeover on this classic, head on over to check it out.  One bite and you will be hooked for life!!!


You guys know what happens to these things after I make them, right?  I ate nearly the whole thing myself.  It was a good week  :)  I made it a second time for friends who also fell in love.  It is a sure thing that everyone will love this dessert, and no one will suspect it’s vegan!!

Click here for the recipe over at Tasty-Yummies!

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