Vegan Quinoa Meatball Parmesan 3

The end of 2013 flew by in kind of a blur.  I kind of can’t believe the holidays are already behind us!  Sometimes I wish there was a slow motion button for life.

So while I work on wrapping my head around the whole 2014 thing (I am still writing 2012 sometimes, so it might take a while for me to adjust), let’s make some food, shall we?

Vegan Quinoa Meatball Parmesan 1 (1)

Today’s post is a guest post over at Cooking with Quinoa.  When Wendy asked me to guest post I kinda freaked out a little (in a happy squeely way).  I am always so honored when I am asked to guest post, and there are so many fantastic, amazing, wonderful bloggers.  I want them all to be my neighbors so we can all hang out.

I might be that crazy friend you have that thinks it would be awesome if we all bought a piece of land and all lived on it and did the communal living thing.  It’s my friends and family’s fault for being so fun and making me want to be near them all the time.


Vegan Quinoa Meatball Parmesan 2 (1)

In this recipe, I discovered how to make quinoa stick together like magic all on it’s own, which I have to tell you I am kind of obsessed with.  It is my first thought for what I should cook.

And it’s all healthy stuff that is totally diet friendly.  I am going to help you stick to your New Year’s resolution.  Maybe I will add that to my list of New Year’s Resolutions (once I make one, once I get out of the denial that it’s 2014 already).

Vegan Quinoa Meatball Parmesan 1

Click Here to head over to Cooking with Quinoa for the recipe!!


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