It’s Friday, and a long weekend, and I would be doing flips about it if I wasn’t so clumsy!!!!!!!!!!  I seriously can’t believe that summer is kind of over.  So let’s have one last fling with these wonderful summer flavors this weekend, what do you think?

When I made this smoothie this morning, it was sooo refreshing, and the whole house smelled like watermelon which was amazing.  Most people do barbeques and get-togethers for Labor Day, and this is soo the perfect drink for such an occasion.

Health highlight of watermelon: though you might expect watermelon to be mostly water (I did!) it is actually a super nutrient packed food! It contains lycopene, the healthy antioxidant known for being found in tomatoes, and which has been linked to reducing your risk of cancer and disease.  In fact, watermelon contains about 1 and a half times more lycopene than fresh tomatoes!  Watermelon is also anti-inflammatory, full of other powerful antioxidants, and other carotenoids that can help your skin look glowing and beautiful.


¼ large Watermelon (usually the size you find cut at the food store)
8 leaves Mint
Juice of 1 Lime
Optional: Ice


  • Add all the ingredients to the blender
  • Blend until smooth
  • Add ice if you want to chill and thicken it
  • Serve up and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What flavors are you looking forward to for fall?

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